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We are a gym with a focus on strength and conditioning; we strive to create an amazing atmosphere to support members as they work towards their fitness goals.

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OCR Training

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Combative Fitness Boot Camp

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Bootcamp Classes

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Small Group Personal Training

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HIIT Classes

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Coach Pain Academy

With more than 26 years of experience, Coach Pain is a leader in the fitness world and comes as an accomplished fitness coach and motivational speaker as well as a nutrition specialist with the industry. I have experienced many difficult situations where personal pain and the will to have a stronger character has launched my career to new heights.

Coming from a background of wrestling, football, and martial arts throughout my years as a child and carried over into high school has given me the endurance and willpower to achieve the highest levels of physical fitness. Being in great physical shape doesn’t come easy and takes a commitment of the human spirit, mind, body, and soul.

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Group Programs And Personal Training

When it comes to the energy and passion of physical fitness it can oftentimes be ignited by physical and mental pain that most people are subjected to during tragic events or losses in life. These painful situations tend to be the focus of high intensity training with intervals of rest and specific exercises.

Coach Pain Academy is based on the premise of functional movement combined with a wide range of physical body training that tests the human willpower to achieve results far greater than anyone expects.

What Do We Offer?

  • Conventional and unconventional group programs and personal training
  • HIIT Style Classes
  • Bootcamp Gym Classes
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Obstacle Course Race Training (OCR)
  • Combative Fitness Boot Camp
  • No repetitive or cookie cutter fitness
  • Motivation to help you reach the next level in your training
  • Personalized nutritional plans

Coach Pain Academy provide fitness awareness and mental toughness that gives you a sense of living to succeed and not living to quit. Be inspired to be more than what you may think less of yourself. Fitness is not just about weight loss, it is a lifestyle and a journey, we are not a weight loss /quick fix facility, you must earn your keep. Here at the Academy, we believe that you must trust the process, not rush the process. Welcome to The Coach Pain Academy!!

Who Is This Training For?

  • Someone who wants to be non-complacent with their fitness journey
  • Someone who wants a challenge.
  • Someone who wants to reach new levels mentally and physically.
  • Someone who wants accountability and community support.
  • A real bootcamp style that caters to first responders, military, and the general public
  • Active Military, Veterans, College Students, Family Group Rates are also available, First Responders

“(Special Rates Apply)”

    First Responders


    General Public

    What Is Our Goal?

    Our goal is to help drive you to reach your fullest potential by challenging you to overcome your physical and mental obstacles!

    Coach Pain Academy Ethos:

    I will Silence the Excuses
    I will Not Allow Weakness a Victory
    I will Fight to Live but not Live to Quit!
    I am More than Less of Myself for I am a Purpose that must be fulfilled

    – Coach Pain Academy

    Client Testimonials

    Coach Pain has shown me that I can do things I thought was impossible for someone who does not have an athletic background, and its become an addition to see what’s next because every session I learn something new. He always pushes you to be your best, mentally and physically.
    Amanda Pflughoeft

    Coach Pain is the man you need to help you grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. I feel like a completely different person after a couple hours of his training! I love feeling confident that I can take care of myself in any situation. Thanks Coach Pain Academy!
    Amanda Jane Rubio