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Welcome To Coach Pain Academy

We are a gym with a focus on strength and conditioning; we strive to create an amazing atmosphere to support members as they work towards their fitness goals.


Who Are We?

The Coach Pain Academy is a fitness workshop and much more. It is an exciting, versatile and innovative program that is designed to push you beyond your limits. As a participant, you will be equipped to adapt and overcome challenges both mentally and physically while embodying the warrior spirit within. This program gives each individual an opportunity to develop a stronger, more intentional version of themselves. The main focus of each session will be on discipline to help you achieve and surpass your goals. With a military evolution style, you will be tested and you will succeed!

Our Programs

OCR Training

T.A.C Evolution

Circuit Training


Functional Fitness


Coach Pain has shown me that I can do things I thought was impossible for someone who does not have an athletic background, and its become an addition to see what’s next because every session I learn something new. He always pushes you to be your best, mentally and physically.

Amanda Pflughoeft

Coach Pain is the man you need to help you grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. I feel like a completely different person after a couple hours of his training! I love feeling confident that I can take care of myself in any situation. Thanks Coach Pain Academy!

Amanda Jane Rubio

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