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Experienced Bootcamp Coaches In Gilbert Arizona

At Coach Pain Academy, participants can expect the best experienced bootcamp coaches. Our bootcamp coaches are seasoned professionals who have undergone the proper training courses and have met our rigid guidelines for exceptional commitment to interval and high intensity training.

If getting in shape while having an exciting experience in all types of weather sounds like a great way to get physically fit, then contact Coach Pain Academy in Gilbert, Arizona today and get physically fit.

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Although bootcamp classes started as a type of military workout, they are not as intimidating or hardcore as most people may think. In fact, bootcamp classes at Pain Coach Academy in Gilbert, Arizona are not about doing burpees in the mud. Rather, they are based on the intensity of the military workouts with many health benefits.

Below are some common themes for bootcamp classes at Coach Pain Academy:


In most cases, bootcamp classes are conducted outside, even if the weather is bad. That is the part of the classes that make bootcamp so appealing. While most are held at local parks, beaches, or playing fields, they give the participants extra space and the experience of the natural terrain with sand, hills, and tree trunks as workout tools.


When it comes to burning calories, blasting body fat, and staying fit, interval training is one of the best components to interval training. Since bootcamp classes are designed around interval training, participants can expect to be sprinting or running coupled with exercises such as plyometrics, jumping, skipping, and boxing with rest periods.

Bodyweight Training

Bootcamp classes are engineered to use less gym equipment; therefore, using your own body weight as resistance becomes the training tool. You can expect exercise like walking lunges, sit ups, planks, press ups, and bodyweight squats. There are also options to scale the movements up or down while working at your own pace.


Resistance and weight training go hand-in-hand for bootcamp classes; however, unlike using barbells and gym machines, you can expect to be using light hand weights or resistance bands that add weight to the training. Resistance exercises combined with the expert advice of the trainers at Coach Pain Academy promotes a healthier life.

Indoors is the New Outdoors

With bootcamp classes, you will see that many indoor classes are now moving outdoors, including pilates, yoga, and spinning. Getting fit with outdoor bootcamp classes is also seeing a rise with the number of Covid cases on the rise as training outdoors greatly reduces the risk of contracting the virus.

Training in the Current Weather

There are many people who love the idea of training in the current weather, bootcamp classes are designed to be conducted in all types of weather conditions. However, severe weather such as lighting storms and unsafe elements will drive the classes back indoors. Further, it is always a good idea to bring a change of clothes for wet weather.