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HIIT Training Program In Gilbert Arizona

HIIT or high intensity interval training is an area of functional fitness that Coach Pain Academy provides with a unique approach. HIIT works by incorporating many different rounds between short minutes or intervals of high intensity movements that increase the heart rate up to at least 80%.

Then it is followed by shorter times of lower intensity movements. HIIT got its debut during the 1950s and was known as a combination of sprint training and higher intensity intervals of different exercises. This unique form of training also reached a heart rate of 100% and trainers applied it to give olympic athletes a competitive edge.

Here at Coach Pain Academy, our HIIT program will hit all of your excuses in the right places!

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Factors That Impact HIIT

There are many factors that can impact HIIT such as body weight and age as well as the type of resistance equipment being used. The good news about HIIT training at home or at a top rated facility like Coach Pain Academy is it doesn’t take up a lot of space, making it ideal for anyone to enjoy the benefits of HIIT.

Can HIIT Be Cross-Trained?

Yes. HIIT exercises can be cross-trained into a number of different training formats like dancing, running, stationary bicycles, stair climbers, and treadmills. The interval durations are typically timed by implementing music tracks that play for anywhere between 1-5 minutes, making HIIT exciting and energizing.

HIIT has also been interchanged with circuit and Tabata training during the 1996 Olympic competition with the speed-skaters by Professor Izumi Tabata. His high intensity training intervals were extremely intense followed by short periods of rest. Gyms and fitness centers globally have adapted the Tabata method into the courses.

How Does HIIT Help Endurance and Strength?

HIIT training can help many people increase endurance and strength while improving an overall healthier lifestyle. The main focus of HIIT is to achieve a better health and fitness routine in shorter bursts with real times of shorter breaks. HIIT training offers an elevated heart rate during the entire duration of the workout.

Further, HIIT raises metabolic rate, oxygenates blood, and increases lean body mass. Depending on your fitness level or desired health goal, different intervals can be used to achieve different exercises.

Is HIIT Safe?

While HIIT is safe for those in good physical shape, it is not recommended for people who are recovering from an injury or the elderly that are overweight or have become deconditioned due to either an accident, illness, or health condition. Therefore, anyone who meets this criteria should consult an exercise professional or physician.

However, those who are physically fit and in good condition can enjoy the health benefits of HIIT exercises at Coach Pain Academy. Here at Coach Pain Academy, we take HIIT workouts and custom tailor them to each individual’s medical condition and fitness level, making HIIT enjoyable and safe for a wide range of medical conditions.

Online medical reports have stated that HIIT is safe for those healthy enough to participate with minimal cardiovascular problems and injury reports during controlled supervised setting with a compliance rate of most programs reaching 80% heart rate.