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Small group personal training has become very popular among exercise enthusiasts. Something that started slowly, has become a trend that almost everyone wants to take. This type of training can be good for anyone but is particularly appealing for those who want to grow beyond their limits.

The idea of small group training goes beyond regular gym workouts. With group activities, it is possible to improve personal goals, work hard, and achieve more when working with small groups. Small group training brings together trainees with the same or similar goals. They may want to improve results or achieve the same goal.

Our goal here at Coach Pain Academy in Gilbert, Arizona is to help all trainees overcome their mental and physical limitations. One of the sure ways to do so is by working in small manageable groups. If you are looking to improve your training and set new goals, keep reading to find out more about small group training.

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Who is Small Group Training Ideal For?

Small group training is ideal for anyone who wants to see better results. It is commonly utilized by those trying to overcome physical and mental limitations. When training with a group of people, the members get to challenge each other to push limits and reach new heights.

This type of training is recommended for:

  • Any person who wants to improve their productivity during workouts. Those who do not want to be complacent with their workout journey.
  • Any person who wants to be challenged with other workout enthusiasts.
  • Any person who is aiming to reach new levels both physically and mentally.
  • Any person looking for accountability partners to meet personal goals and targets.
  • Individuals who are inclined towards the bootcamp style of training such as first responders, military, and other groups.
  • For any person who is not well versed with personal workout techniques to use.

Apart from these reasons, some people get involved in small group training for social purposes. There are those looking to make friends, meet, and date among other options. Whichever the motivation, group training provides better results than lone training. It is a good option for those who can’t focus well for long.

Below are the key benefits of small group training that you may want to consider:


We personally guide all small group training, providing tips and techniques that make workouts easy for those who are reluctant. The guidance provided goes a long way in shaping the way people perceive workouts. This is the only way to change the mentality and improve performances here at Coach Pain Academy.

Improves Core Strength

To ensure that all members of the small group are well equipped for the workout sessions, we start the sessions with the proper warmup. These warmup exercises go a long way in improving every person’s physique and preparing for the real workout. In the end, the exercises are tough enough to push limits.

When you start training without a proper warmup, the chances of injuries are higher. The warmup sessions help improve core strength to prevent injuries that can affect the personal growth of any workout enthusiast.

Progressive Development

The beauty of working with a team is that progressive steps are taken. Each member works towards meeting set targets. They are encouraged by other members and pushed to perform above the bar. This way, progress can be seen throughout the course.

What is Our Aim at Coach Pain Academy?

With small group training, we have the ultimate aim of helping driven individuals grow both mentally and physically to achieve their targets. We understand that sometimes reaching personal goals can be challenging. That’s why we personally ensure that the small groups are working well and each member is progressing as they should.