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Coach Pain Academy – Self-Defense and Awareness Combative Fitness Bootcamp

Combative Fitness Boot Camp In Gilbert Arizona

When it comes to self-defense and awareness classes we have developed a better way, and it’s called Combative Fitness Boot Camp (CBF).

Our innovative and new approach is more about self-defense and awareness. There are many more benefits to learning skills that are fused with a boot camp training style than most people realize; therefore, we developed the Combative Boot Camp.

To learn more about my Combative Boot Camp style of self-defense, why cardiovascular fitness helps, and how the awareness of your surroundings promotes self-defense with less violence, keep reading.

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What is Combative Boot Camp Training?

Combative Boot Camp is an effective defensive skill that is generally learned through boot camp training and a variety of cardiovascular exercises. It works well for upper body self-defense, strikes, and focuses on the ground and grappling skills that can be used for fewer bodily injuries to the assailant.

There is no doubt you will learn how to use these techniques and get physically strong and fit to read your assailant and respond precisely and quickly, and here at Coach Pain Academy, we focuses on awareness and endurance.

How Does Awareness Work With Fitness and Combative Boot Camp?

With Combative Boot Camp, you get the best of both worlds with a high-quality workout that is based on a number of boot camp exercises combined with expert training to raise your mental awareness and self-defensive tactics that can help you with protection from an attacker without causing serious bodily damages to them.

Here are some factors about awareness that you will learn at Coach Pain Academy:

  • Better depth of perception to see an attack coming
  • Reading your attacker’s body language before they strike
  • Increased cognitive functions and better reactions
  • Endurance and cardiovascular training for better outcomes and escapes
  • Ground grappling techniques that can be used to subdue an attacker

Since our techniques are based more on awareness and self-defense, you will learn how to defend yourself without having to get into a fight and so much more.

How Combative Boot Camp Promote Fitness?

Here at Coach Pain Academy, we can show you a variety of boot camp training styles that promote physical fitness as well as endurance. Becoming physically fit is a key factor when you’re being attacked as physical stamina and strength can quickly become depleted if you are not in shape.

I have a number of exercises and proven boot camp techniques that can be used to give you a higher fitness level to be able to defend yourself.

If you want the best fitness combined with awareness and self-defense, call Coach Pain Academy in Gilbert, Arizona today or contact us today.