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Obstacle course racing tests your resilience, strength, and mentality to the limits. Those who intend to participate in such a race must have proper training and preparation in advance. The preparation goes beyond regular gym workouts.

Although bodybuilding and other gym exercises are good, they do not provide the strength and agility needed for obstacle races. With obstacle course racing, there are plenty of energy-intensive activities that need special training. These activities may range from racing to heavy-duty lifting among others.

For anyone intending to participate in obstacle course racing, it is recommended to have a period of training. Thankfully, we have the right resources to help you become a champion in the race.

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Here are some the fitness components that we have found to be key for obstacle course racing:


Cardio training is a must for anyone going for OCR competitions. There is no obstacle race that we haven’t attended that lacked some form of running. In some races, the running is limited but others require intensive running. To develop agility and expand the lung’s capacity, cardiovascular exercises are required.

For those who only prefer working out at the gym, the ideal option would be introducing some cardio exercises in the sessions. Try to invest a good amount of time into treadmill running and intensify the experience beyond your regular limits.

OCR Circuit Training

This is a type of training that is geared towards maximizing calorie burn to give the trainees a combination of power and strength. Our OCR circuit training is group-based on the core principles of these methods. The group training incorporates a full-body workout with the intention of burning maximum fats to increase body strength.

OCR Simulation Training

We personally think this is the best training for those planning to participate in OCR. It simulates an OCR course in every aspect. During training, trainees need to improve their OCR skills such as crawling, rope climbing, running, and lifting among others. The training course should have all of these necessary resources.

Technique Training

One area of training that most people downplay is technique training. It is vital to identify the type of activities on the menu for the OCR. Choose one or two that are the most difficult and focus on technique training. In simple terms, technique training means enhancing personal skills to perform specific routines with ease.

OCR High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This is a type of training that is designed to improve a person’s aerobic and anaerobic endurance. When it comes to OCR, endurance is everything. The events can be energy-draining and any person that does not have resilience may easily fall out of the race.

It is vital to participate in exercises that will build your strength and resilience to avoid having to drop out of the race for one reason or the other.

Why Opt for OCR Training

OCR fitness conditioning  is not for everyone. These are training sessions purposely created for those who intend to participate in OCR competitions, have an interest in OCR, or for someone who is looking for a challenge. However, they are the best option and should be a must for anyone participating in OCR races.